a Bicycle is faster

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bike-vs-car-vs-transit – annual Commuter Challenge to figure out which is the fastest and cheapest mode of transport. In New York.

Rushi a biker recently posted this video on our group, BangaloreBikers to see if anyone was interested in doing the same in Bangalore. Looks like we will have a similar video sometime soon.

One of the most surprising aspects of commuting on a bicycle is that you reach your destination faster !
Quite a few customers at BumsOnTheSaddle commute on bicycle and the bicycle has consistently been quicker compared to their cars or at the least take the same time compared to their motorbikes. (AND they have a lot of fun while commuting on the bicycle)

The advantages are huge

  • get to your destination faster
  • get healthy at the same time
  • commute time takes care of exercise time (multi-task)
  • environment friendly
  • economical. A good bike might cost you heven and earth, but you are saving on gym fees, petrol bills, car servicing and the future liposuction and angioplasty. It is a good deal.
  • its loads of fun
  • biking is very relaxing. You get to work and back home a little more relaxed compared to other means of transport
  • you are a role model – believe it. You are much better than the non-bikers around you :). Be proud of the fact and spread the good word. If amway can, why cant you ?

There are always questions

  • Pollution ?
  • Biker Safety ?
  • Bike safety ?
  • No Shower at office !
  • etc etc

    But most of these have work arounds.

    Speak to us, we would be able to offer some advice on this.