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Safety – for the rider as well as the biker, is something that we are working on at BumsOnTheSaddle. Might be as simple as making sure essential accessories, like helmets, are available and we do our best to explain the importance of these to our customers. At the other end we are also working on products that add to our safety.

A helmet, front light and a tail light.

A simple tail light is something that we have been trying to source since the time we started up, and its finally here.
Its from Trek and its pretty darn good.

Has three super bright LEDs, takes in 2 AAA batteries and has 3 modes of operation – constant light, steady blink and random blink mode.
Also comes with various clips so that you can either clip it onto your shorts/T Shirt or attach it onto your bike.

Have not seen too many bikers in Bangalore using these, so I do get very interesting comments/looks from people in cars and bikes.

Very very useful. If you have every had the experience of not seeing a cyclist in front of your car until you were a few feet from the cyclist, you will totally grok what I mean :)
Thumb rule for safety is to make yourself as visible as possible. Wear bright clothes during the day, have reflectors, tail lights, reflective strips during the night.

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