Bicycle Parking in the city

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Bicycle Parking lots – poster drawn up by Chaitanya

The bike store is just the start. When we started BumsOnTheSaddle we had a bunch of other things that we wanted to do for the biking community – Rides, Cycle lanes, good accessories, technical sessions, work shops etc etc.

Installing bicycle parking stands in the city is one such initiative that never saw light because of the lack of time. These stands are very simple and hardly occupy space.

We regularly run at Lalbagh, a huge botanical garden in Bangalore. The place is flooded with cars and motorbikes in the morning and evenings. Would be so much better if a small percentage of these get their butts on saddles instead.

Towards this ideal, we are working with another group in the city, Go Cycle , and have a very hazy plan of action

  • identify location for the parking slots – Lalbagh is definitely one of them.
  • design the parking stand for the cycle
  • figure out the funding
  • execution

If your interested or know someone who might be interested in any of the steps mentioned above, please do let us know. We could do with all the help

An interesting bike stand idea – Click here
A very interesting read – The Bicycle parking handbook

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