No where to Pedal ?

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Nowhere to Pedal – an article by The Telegraph on the dangers of cycling in India.

A question that almost everyone asks – isint it dangerous to cycle on Indian roads ?

Why is it so dangerous ?

  • Riding a bicycle with the high speed traffic zooming past can be intimidating. Unfortunately we hardly have cycle lanes in this country and no one follows the lane system.
  • At times cyclists ride like they are riding a motorized vehicle, weaving between traffic which is really stupid.
  • no visibility – Its amazing how you can totally miss seeing a cyclist up ahead if there is a huge truck coming up the opposite direction. Very very dangerous.

How do we avoid getting knocked about on the road ?

  • visibility – make yourself as visible as possible on the road. Use reflectors, reflective vests, saddle bags. Anything that will reflect light. Best would be to have a flashing safety light on the seat post.
  • Ride sensibly – Stick to the left most side of the road and use proper hand signals while making turns.
  • Be confident – You are not scum on the road. You have as much right to the road as any other vehicle. Believe in it.

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