Saddle woes ?

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a beautiful leather saddle

Bicycle seat a.k.a Saddle seemed to be quite an issue with folks at the BarCamp today.

Sheldon Brown, who is quite an authority on bicycles, has something very interesting say – “A seat is something that you sit on, whereas a saddle is intended to carry some but not all of your weight”.

Saddle setup is a pretty personal experience with not too many hard and fast rules. You stick by some basic rules and keep trying out small minor adjustments until you are happy.

Are you mostly numb after a long ride ? Does your butt ache like hell ? Some things to be aware of

  • maybe the seat is pointing upwards. That can compress the soft tissue in the groin and it can be painful.
  • maybe the seat is too soft. I have met many folks who swear by harder seats.
  • maybe the seat is not positioned correctly, check the fore aft position.
  • Do your shorts have seams ? Switch to cycling shorts – sitting on top of seams put pressure on the sensitive tissues in the groin ares.
  • just started riding ? Sometimes its just a matter of getting used to it.
  • maybe you are not moving enough on your seat. It also makes sense to get your butt off the seat sometimes and pedal and let the circulation flow. If you are hitting bumpy terrain try and get off the seat slightly with your knees so that the saddle doesn’t bump into your groin area.

Sheldon brown has a very nice article on this topic that is a must read and elaborates on many of the points mentioned above.

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