Lubricating the chain

Rohan Kini D.I.Y

Happiness is a clean bike

really really dirty

One of the fastest ways to make sure your nice new shiny bicycle is converted into a piece of junk is to oil it, incorrectly.

When oil and dirt mix up they form a deadly combination which is abrasive in nature. Lubricating a bike is very important, but the key is to use very little and remove the excess oil.

The procedure I normally follow to maintain my drive chain is as follows:

On a weekly basis

  • just wrap a clean cloth around the chain and backpedal. This should remove most of the muck that is on the chain.

Once a month (or so)

  • clean the chain exterior as explained earlier. If the chain is really dirty you might have to resort to using a degreaser (like WD 40) to clean up the muck.
  • after the chain is relatively clean, add a drop of oil (very little) on each chain link. Its only the inside of the rollers that actually need the oil.
  • back pedal some 20 – 30 times so that the oil penetrates the insides of the rollers.
  • take a clean cloth and clean the exterior of the chain like before and make sure all the excess oil is removed.

    much better :)

This should keep the chain in good working condition.
Having a clean drive chain does make your ride seem so much more pleasant !

Before cleaning

After cleaning

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