The Trek 4300

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The Trek 3700 is the basic aluminium model that is available in India and its hardly any surprise that this is the model that BumsOnTheSaddle has sold the most, for various reasons.

  • Back on a bicycle after ages, scared to pick up a more expensive model
  • highly recommended by others in some forums
  • budget constraints
  • no other bike to compare with. Our mistake, since we have just a 3700 as a demo bike
  • Have the budget, but scared of what will happen if they pick up a more expensive bike. What will my wife/husband/parents think ?

The Trek 3700 is sufficient for the kind of riding that most folks do.
If you are looking at commute to work, an occasional weekend ride, a little adventurous streak on the sidewalk, well this bike is more than enough. Its a good bike.

The next model that Trek boasts of, is the Trek 4300.

(please click on each image for more details)

On the whole

  • the frame is stronger than the 3700. Its made of a different aluminium alloy compared to the 3700.
  • the front suspension is much better with more travel. There are pre-load dials, that almost lock out the suspension. Depending on the trail/road, you can either have a soft suspension or a really hard one.
  • I like the handle bars. Much better than the ones on the 3700. The Matt finish looks and feels really nice.
  • The rear d

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