A rockin Savandurga ride !

Rohan Kini Uncategorized

Another rock-ing bicycle ride by the BangaloreRiders, to Savandurga around 60Km from Bangalore.

We started from Family Mart on Kanakpura road around 5:30 am. Around 10Km on Kanakpura road we turned right and biked on mud tracks till we hit Mysore road, crossed over Mysore road and continued on mud tracks and smallish side roads till we hit Savandurga !

Have always gone to Savandurga via Magdi road (which is a crazy traffic filled, human infested road). The route that we took this time around was amazing – scenic, rolling slopes, mostly no humans and best of all no traffic ! Brilliant for biking (geared mountain bikes only please, unless you are the masochist sorts)

Took around 5 Hours to reach the place. But then we spent around an hour in waiting around and having a cuppa coffee.

Some of us decided to bike up/down Savandurga, but unfortunately it turned out to be too steep.

Overall a fantastic ride. A must do again ! More pictures from the ride here