ride to Bannerghatta

Rohan Kini Uncategorized

With Nikhil down with a fracture and us trying to set up BumsOnTheSaddle, its been a LONG time since I went out for a longish ride on the bicycle !

Rode with the Bangalore Bikers today.

We planned to ride from Family Mart on Kanakpura road to Bannerghatta and back. Around 50 Kms I guess, not really long but nice stretches. Started early in the morning (6 am) and we were back by 10 am. Just stopped for a short Chai Break in between.

Overall a nice ride. Waiting for the ride the coming weekend. Savandurga and back. oh ya, maybe climb the monolith too ! Have been wanting to do this for ages, finally found a bunch of guys who think likewise :)