does your bike fit you ?

Rohan Kini Uncategorized

Your bike needs to fit you, if not its going to be like one of those tight or overly loose T shirts that you just hate. Classic signs of an improper fit are lower back pain, numb hands and pain in the shoulders after you ride around a bit.

Its not very simple to fit a bike when a customer comes in for a bike, cause each person is so different. At the most the basic things like the seat height, frame size and handle bar position can be taken care of. The rest needs to be tweaked ride after ride. Googling for “Bike fitting” can bring up tons of sites each offering tons of advice.

Came across one such article , which suggested small tweaks for specific aches and pains. Nice ! :)

Whew, what happened to all those simple bikes that you just bought and rode without thinking of fit, gears, gear ratios etc etc :)