gifting bikes …

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Came across this article where Ikea gifted folding bikes to all its employees, trying to encourage all its employees to cycle to and from work.
Very commendable.

In the UK I did come across schemes where employees and employers got tax benefits for using cycles to get to work.
There were also some innovative schemes wherein the cycle dealers hooked up with corporates and offered discounts on bikes if the company paid for a part of the bike. A win win situation for all. The company gets an opportunity to be environment friendly and talk about this initiative as a part of its CSR (Corporate social responsibility) initiative and the employee gets a nice bike for a discount.

Tis only in Bangalore that we decide to do things the other way around. Recently I read in the papers that since the government is not able to get enough money into its coffers they are planning to increase VAT on bicycles ( I dont have the exact article but searching the net led me to this article. )


Can think of a hundred different retorts to this. But then thought about the cop sitting on the Double road flyover, regulating traffic, because in the hurry to build flyovers to show the public that the government is actually doing some work, some idiot(s) did not really think about the bigger picture.