what happened on the Bike HASH

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[a HASH vocabulary for the hashing terms that you would come across in this post. Another one here. Warning – highly entertaining ]

it was one helluva bike ride ! The weather was perfect, the place was perfect and the Hares (ahem, I was one of them) were perfect ;)

woah ! who are these crazy folks on the cycles. . .

We started out at Greek Agora, some 10 Km from Yelahanka. We had laid 2 kinda trails, a short one which was around 12 km and a longer one which was around 20 Km (without the false trails).

I tried instlling a small camera on my bike handle bar so that I can video some sections of the bike ride. But it did not hold :(
Anyways, took some pics as a consolation.

Notice – Pollution Free Zone !!!



The place is super for biking around. There are tons and tons of trails waiting to be explored. Waiting to go back and ride around !